Monday, April 13, 2009

Large Yummy Cupcake

I wanted to share with you one of those really large cupcakes that seem to be a big hit lately.I have seen these pans and some real cute cakes over the internet. I do think this one is the prettiest ever.Of course,I am a little partial as it was made by a very dear friend who brought this it over for Easter. I was so amazed at just how pretty it is in person.The picture does not even do it justice. It's made with chocolate cake and pink yummy frosting inside.I will tell you it was sure hard to cut it. Didn't want to ruin it but knew it wasn't going to sit there and look pretty forever.
I have always wanted to do one of these cakes but I knowI could never make one as pretty and this one. Think I need another piece so better go get it. yum!


  1. I love it!! I have been tempted to buy the pan & try it out, too! I just may cave in...LOL Thanks for sharing! Terri