Monday, June 1, 2009

It seems like I have not posted anything for so long and then I looked and yes its been a full 2 weeks now. Wow what happens to the time...
This blog award came from my dear friend Kathe and has come at a perfect time. I have been struggling lately with sick cats, dogs and lots of other stuff so of course seeing this just brightned my day up. Thank You Kathe for the many blessings you have shared with me.
In order to get this award I am suppose to leave 10 of the my most honest things about me and to pass this award on.
All of my friends already know the honesty I have when It comes to God, husband and family, friends of old and new one and of course my life in general. I dont need to point out anything more.I have been blessed in so many ways I would not even know where to start.
I would like to bless the following with this award though.
Nita, Shelly and Craftymug..I love visiting their blogs so please go check them out for lots of fun and inspiration.


  1. Love your new Design paula...congrats on the bold award...hugs.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Paula! Good to see you & congrats on the award.
    Huggies ~